Transformation of a Video into a Cartoon

The Batch Processing feature in AKVIS Sketch allows automatic applying of the software to a group of files.
It can be helpful if you want to create a comic book or a cartoon from a video.

If you use the standalone version just click on and adjust the settings.

If you use the plug-in in Adobe Photoshop, you will need to create an action with the help of Automate -> Batch command first, and then apply the action to a folder with images. An action can contain more than one command (AKVIS Sketch) so that you can process a large number of images in one way.

In this tutorial we'll show how to transform a short video into a black and white cartoon. It's possible to make a color cartoon, it depends on the program's settings.

We used an MOV video file as an example. You can download and watch the original video and the result.


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