AKVIS Company

AKVIS Software for Creative Self-Expression

AKVIS specializes in development of image and video processing software. The company was founded in 2004 by IT professionals having considerable experience in programming and software development. Since then the company has released a number of successful products.

The image processing programs by AKVIS are available as standalone applications and Photoshop compatible plugins:

The company also offers filters for video editing programs (OFX & AE plug-ins):

In addition, one of the AKVIS projects is akvisphotobook.com:

On top of everything, AKVIS provides a comprehensive graphics editor:


Some Words About Us:

In our small group of developers everyone is a specialist in his field. We know what a user of graphics software needs and we have our own idea about the way graphics programs should look like.

The AKVIS Team is enthusiastic about graphics and image processing issues. The company sponsors web-design and digital photography contests.

The company offers free licenses to non-profit organizations (heritage foundations and historical societies) involved in conservation and restoration of photographic archives having cultural value.


More About the Company:

AKVIS Philosophy, Vision and Road Map | Press Room | Contacts


Publication Authorization
By this we authorize you to publish reviews about the company software (program description, press-releases, etc) in magazines and journals on digital photography, image processing and software.

We authorize editors to place the trial version of our software on CDs and make it available for download from web-sites.

If you publish any information about the software or the company, please inform us and put a link to akvis.com. If possible, send us a copy of the publication.


Free for NGO: Museums, Archives

The AKVIS team is glad to contribute to cultural heritage conservation.

We can give free versions of AKVIS photo restoration and colorization software (AKVIS Retoucher and AKVIS Coloriage AI) to non-profit organizations involved in conservation and restoration of photographic archives having cultural value.

When sending us a request at info@akvis.com, please, enclose a link to your web-site.