AKVIS News 2024

June 18, 2024
AKVIS Coloriage AI 15.5: Batch Colorization of Multiple Photos (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS Coloriage AI allows you to colorize your black and white photos in a click using the trained neural networks. The software has two modes: AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Classic (the color zoning method).

Version 15.5 offers some great improvements in the AI mode. The new Batch Processing feature allows you to automatically colorize multiple images at once. Quickly and easily add color to old family photos and historic images!
The innovative image colorization method has become even more efficient thanks to the new sensitivity adjustment for the neural network. Create professional-grade images!

Download AKVIS Coloriage AI 15.5 for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Read how to update to the latest version.


May 14, 2024
New Emoji Frames: Add Fun and Flair to Your Photos! (Press Release, PDF)

Are you ready for something bright and cheery? 🤩
We've launched a new collection of frames to express yourself creatively and have fun! The Emoji Frames pack includes 100 eye-catching colorful frames, 50 horizontal and 50 vertical templates decorated with smileys, hearts, winking eyes, likes, thumbs up, and other cute icons that will make your photos stand out!

Use these captivating designs to add more personality and emotion to your photos. You can easily visualize your thoughts and indicate that you are feeling happy, content, excited, romantic or even a bit flirty. Complement your photos with smiley faces and create something spectacular! See the new frames.

Download the pack into the Frames program: Frame Packs Manager -> Reload List -> Emoji Frames -> Download.

Learn how to install and activate AKVIS frame packs.


April 25, 2024
AKVIS AirBrush 9.0: Art of Spray Painting for Your Images (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS AirBrush is powerful, one-of-a-kind artistic software that transforms images into masterpieces using the airbrush painting effect. The program converts images into inspirational drawings, outstanding designs, and illustrations. Make striking works of art with AKVIS AirBrush!

Version 9.0 offers the improved conversion algorithm, new blending options, and the Presets interface mode. With the new features, the software allows generating even more impressive stylish colorful art. Learn more.

Download AKVIS AirBrush 9.0 for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Read how to update to the latest version.


April 8, 2024
All AKVIS Programs Update for Linux

AKVIS releases an update of all image editing programs for Linux.

The new versions offer bug fixes and work with network printers.
Added the software installation using Flatpak.

Installation on Linux.


March 20, 2024
AKVIS Coloriage AI 15: Add Color to Your Black & White Photos! (Press Release, PDF)

The photo colorization software is AI-powered now!

AKVIS Coloriage AI 15 uses a trained neural network to perform colorization of photographs. Now the software has two modes: AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Classic (the previous algorithm utilizing color strokes). The update also offers new post-processing tools and other changes. See your family archive in color!

Download AKVIS Coloriage AI 15 for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Read how to update to the latest version.


March 5, 2024
Welcome Spring with the New Butterflies Pack! Make Your Photos More Vibrant and Colorful! (Press Release, PDF)

The harbingers of spring have popped out announcing the arrival of warmer days, and we are happy to release a new heart-warming collection of frames! The Butterflies Pack ($19) contains 100 adorable picture frames filled with the charm and captivating beauty of butterflies.

Often portrayed as the essence of nature, butterflies are an endless source of inspiration and a popular motif in design and art. Add bright and cheerful butterflies to your images! Monarch, Blue Morpho, Julia, Painted Lady, Orange Sulfur, and many other lovely butterflies drawn in different styles will add a touch of grace to any photo. Make your images more vibrant and colorful with the Butterflies Pack! See the new frames.

Download the pack into the Frames program: Frame Packs Manager -> Reload List -> Butterflies Pack -> Download.

Learn how to install and activate AKVIS frame packs.


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