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AKVIS News 2023

March 20, 2023
AKVIS Frames 7.3: Add Stylish Frames to Your Photos!

AKVIS Frames is a free program for decorating images with frames. It works with themed frame packs by AKVIS.

Version 7.3 offers bug fixes, performance and stability improvements, and support for Linux. Now, two separate setup files are available for Windows: 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Download AKVIS Frames 7.3 for Windows/Mac/Linux.

You can request a free license key in the start window of the program or in the Customer Room.

Make your photos special with exclusive frame collections!

Find the list of the themed packs here.


March 9, 2023
AKVIS ArtWork 14.0: New Stencil Effect, Real-Time Preset Preview, etc. (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS ArtWork allows you to apply artistic techniques to images. Using the program, you have at your disposal a whole arsenal of creative tools.

Version 14.0 offers the brand-new Stencil effect that creates incredibly dramatic, picturesque images out of photos. Now the program includes 9 artistic styles: Oil Painting, Watercolor, Gouache, Comics, Pen & Ink, Linocut, Pastel, Pointillism, and the new Stencil effect. Create mind-blowing masterpieces with AKVIS ArtWork 14.0!

The update also offers a long-awaited feature - an instant preview for presets in all effects. Now, you can see the quick result for the presets in the preview pop-up window. The new version provides a series of improvements and bug fixes.

Download AKVIS ArtWork 14.0 for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Read how to update to the latest version.


February 13, 2023
AKVIS Magnifier AI 12.0: New Image Enlargement Modes (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS Magnifier AI allows you to increase the size of photos with quality improvement. Enlarge your photos up to 800% and create clear, detailed images!

Version 12.0 includes new upscaling neural networks presented in the program as Standard and Intensified modes. The software provides much better quality, allows you to get excellent results without color and line distortions and unnecessary details. Now it works great for any image, effectively enlarges photographs, artworks, low quality web images, images with text, etc.

Also, the new version offers support for Linux and minor bugs fixes.

Download AKVIS Magnifier AI 12.0 for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Read how to update to the latest version.


January 18, 2023
AKVIS Sketch 26.0: New Photo-to-Drawing Mode - Multistyle (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS Sketch is the leading photo-to-drawing software with an extensive range of creative features. The program makes photos look like real drawings.

Version 26.0 presents the new photo-to-sketch conversion style - Multistyle, with a series of presets and adjustable settings. Now the program offers these rendering styles: Classic, Artistic, Maestro, and the new Multistyle.

The Multistyle is designed for those who love bold experiments in graphics. It is a complex drawing style that allows you to make the effects of pastels, felt-tip pens, oil pencils, wax crayons, and much more. Make digital art with different techniques!

Also, the latest version supports Linux OS and offers minor improvements and bugs fixes.

Download AKVIS Sketch 26.0 for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Read how to update to the latest version.


January 18, 2023
All Image Editing Programs: Linux-Versions

Now all our programs for image editing are compatible with the GNU/Linux operating system!

At the moment, you can use only the standalone applications on Linux. The Linux versions of the plugins will be available later.

Learn more how to start on Linux.

To switch to another OS (for example, from Windows/Mac to Linux), uninstall the program on your computer and write to support@akvis.com. Your license must be valid for the latest version of the program!


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