AKVIS News 2021: Image & Video Editing Software News & Updates

AKVIS News 2021

April 9, 2021
AKVIS ArtSuite 19.0: New Glitch Art Effect & Redesigned User Interface (Press Release, PDF)

The major update of AKVIS ArtSuite is available! ArtSuite is a collection of photo effects and frames. The program provides a variety of ways of photo manipulations, creating tremendous catching images.

Version 19.0 presents the new Glitch Art effect that creates unique style pictures by adding digital artifacts such as noise and distortions, as well as the play of color. This technique is one of the most popular trends in photography and videography. It helps to obtain a visual effect of great impact. Discover new forms of art!
Also, the update offers the redesigned user interface, the Favorites option for Presets, the extended list of supported RAW formats, and stability improvements.

Download AKVIS ArtSuite 19.0 and try all its features during the 10-day trial period.

Read how to update to the latest version.


March 11, 2021
Blooming Spring Pack by AKVIS: Capture the Very Essence of Springtime! (Press Release, PDF)

New Blooming Spring pack by AKVIS ($17) includes 110 blossom-inspired picture frames in vibrant colors decorated with floral motifs and Easter patterns.

Add a dash of spring colors and positivity to your photos! Beautiful lush greenery and colorful flower buds, Easter eggs and bunnies, birds and bird nests, rustic woods, handcrafted birdhouses, and other straight-from-your-garden decor elements will freshen up any photo album. Let the sunshine in! See the new frames.

The AKVIS frame packs can only be used with the AKVIS Frames free program and with AKVIS ArtSuite (standalone).


February 26, 2021
Update of 3 Video Editing Plugins: AirBrush Video 1.5, Neon Video 1.1, Sketch Video 5.5 (Press Release, PDF)

Three video editing plugins have been updated! They make it possible to apply striking drawing and painting techniques to videos:
AKVIS AirBrush Video 1.5 - airbrush drawing effects; AKVIS Neon Video 1.1 - glowing lines effects; AKVIS Sketch Video 5.5 - pencil drawing effects. Bring the magic to your screen with the AKVIS tools!

The new versions provide natively integrated presets, a new Installation Wizard for Windows, improved compatibility with the video editors, improved support for macOS Big Sur, minor bug fixes and better stability.
Download the updated plugins for Windows and macOS.

The plugins can be purchased as separate products or in the Video Bundle (30% Off).

For AirBrush Video and Neon Video, the update to the new versions is FREE! Read how to update Sketch Video.


February 2, 2021
Wedding Pack III: Create Unforgettable Memories with New Photo Frames! (Press Release, PDF)

New Wedding Pack III by AKVIS ($17) includes 100 picture frames of superior quality for decorating wedding photos.

Turn your wedding photos into fabulous, professional-level images! The new frame pack is perfect for decorating engagement or wedding photos, creating Valentine's Day cards, wedding or wedding anniversary invitations. It is a great sequel of the first and second packs of the AKVIS wedding frames. Make an awesome gift for the newlyweds. Show your love through artistic inspiration and creativity! See the new frames.

The AKVIS frame packs can only be used with the AKVIS Frames free program and with AKVIS ArtSuite (standalone).


January 19, 2021
Power of Alchemy: Update of 25 Image Editing Programs (Press Release, PDF)

AKVIS is thrilled to announce the update of 25 programs for image editing and photo retouching. The recent versions provide improvements in functionality, usability, compatibility, and stability. Find the list of changes on the corresponding program's page. Each program can be purchased individually or in the AKVIS Alchemy bundle. Enjoy the magical transformation of your photos!

Download the updated versions for Windows and macOS.

Read how to update AKVIS Software.


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