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We offer a rich range of theme packs of frames created by artists for use with the AKVIS programs; each set is designed for a specific topic. These amazing frames are intended for those who are interested in high-quality design picture decorations. The ready to use photo frames save you time and efforts and grant professional quality results.

Among the AKVIS themed picture frames, you will find four seasons sets, packs related to hobbies, special event sets like Christmas, Wedding, Valentine, Communion, Halloween... and many others! Besides themed collections, a free set of frames for any occasion is available for download without charge and registration.

The frame packs can only be used with the AKVIS Frames (free program) and AKVIS ArtSuite (Standalone).

Learn how to install and activate the frame packs.

Bundle: All AKVIS frame packs for $ 380!

Purchasing an AKVIS frame pack, you get the Pro license that allows commercial use of the templates. The license allows activating and using the pack on two computers.

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SPECIAL OFFER! All AKVIS frame packs for $ 380!


Remember! These frames can only be used with AKVIS Frames (available free of charge) and AKVIS ArtSuite (Standalone/Home Deluxe/Business).

To add the pack into the program, use the Frame Packs Manager. Press Reload List, choose the pack, click Download. Tutorial.

Do not open the archive! It can only be loaded by the AKVIS program. Otherwise, you will only see small preview images. To get high-resolution frames, use the AKVIS program.

The frames will be available to use only after activation! Activate each pack with its serial number via the program.

Exception: the Free Pack which does not require registration. It can also be opened only by the AKVIS program. Do not unzip the file.