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AKVIS Noise Buster AI 12.0: AI-Powered Noise Reduction Technologies to Enhance Photos! (January 19, 2022) (PDF)


Make Your Photos Smell Like Christmas with New Gingerbread Pack! (December 9, 2021) (PDF)

AKVIS Visual Effects for Videos: AirBrush Video 1.6, Neon Video 1.2, Sketch Video 5.6 (December 1, 2021) (PDF)

AKVIS Watercolor 6.0: Creating Watercolor Masterpieces from Photos (November 11, 2021) (PDF)

AKVIS Refocus AI 11.5: Bring Blurry Photos into Focus with AI Technologies! (October 27, 2021) (PDF)

Update of Two AKVIS Programs & Launch of New Overlay Effects Pack (October 19, 2021) (PDF)

AKVIS Magnifier AI 11.0: Lossless Image Enlargement (September 14, 2021) (PDF)

AKVIS Sketch 24.5: Digital Art & Pencil Drawings Creator (August 31, 2021) (PDF)

Bright Summer Pack by AKVIS: Capturing Sun Kissed Memories (August 17, 2021) (PDF)

NEW AKVIS Artifact Remover AI 1.0: Remove JPEG Artifacts and Pixelization! (August 9, 2021) (PDF)

AKVIS Coloriage 13.0: New Tuning Brush & Redesigned User Interface (July 14, 2021) (PDF)

New Graduation Pack by AKVIS: Preserve Golden Memories of Your Alma Mater! (June 1, 2021) (PDF)

AKVIS Refocus AI 11.0: Enhance Blurry Photos with Motion Deblur AI! (May 18, 2021) (PDF)

AKVIS ArtSuite 19.0: Create Contemporary Artworks with New Glitch Art Effect! (April 9, 2021) (PDF)

Blooming Spring Pack by AKVIS: 110 Refreshing Design Ideas for Your Photos! (March 11, 2021) (PDF)

Update of 3 AKVIS Video Editing Plugins: AirBrush Video 1.5, Neon Video 1.1, Sketch Video 5.5 (February 26, 2021) (PDF)

AKVIS Launches Wedding Pack III: Create Unforgettable Memories with New Photo Frames! (February 2, 2021) (PDF)

Power of Alchemy for Your Photos: AKVIS Updates 25 Image Editing Programs (January 19, 2021) (PDF)


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