AKVIS Magnifier AI 12.1 | Enlarge Images & Enhance Quality

AKVIS Magnifier AI allows you to enlarge and enhance images. The software uses trained neural networks for image upscaling. The program works well for various purposes: to enlarge photographs, artworks, low quality web images, photos with text, etc. Increase the resolution and quality of your photos with Magnifier AI!


AKVIS Magnifier AI is an efficient program for increasing image size without loss in quality. Whether creating poster-size images or adding resolution for better printing quality, the program makes your enlarged image look crisp and clear!

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If you attempt to blow up a picture using the resizing tools of a photo editor, you will notice that the resulting photo is blurred, pixelated, and blocky. The reason is that the input photo didn't contain enough information for the new size.

With AKVIS Magnifier AI, you can create a high-quality enlarged image from a small one. The program allows you to increase the image size up to 800%.

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The program uses innovative technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning and allows you to create clear, detailed images with perfect quality.

AKVIS Magnifier AI includes two upscaling AI-based modes: Standard and Intensified.

Standard mode is recommended to process photos of good quality without noticeable noise and compression artifacts. In this mode, Magnifier AI enlarges images, preserving details and texture, and enhancing contrast.

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Intensified mode is great for illustrations, artworks, images with text, screenshots, low-res images from the Internet, and for preparing super-large prints. In this mode, the program enlarges images providing powerful noise removal and defects compression features, emphasizing edges on a picture.

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The software does a magnification work without color distortion and without drawing unnecessary details, which is a disadvantage of many other neural networks.

This AI-powered program allows enlarging an image to a super-high resolution, making large format gigapixel posters and panoramas. It's an indispensable tool for professionals.

The program keeps edges smooth, sharp, and clearly defined while removing unwanted noise and compression artifacts.

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AKVIS Magnifier AI makes it easy for anyone to produce professional-looking high-quality images. Apply the program to enlarge pictures from social networks or messengers, photos taken with a low-resolution camera, or post-crop results.

Magnifier AI is a useful tool for quickly resizing multiple images at once. The Batch Processing feature lets you automatically upscale or downscale a series of images, applying the cutting-edge algorithms to a folder full of photos.

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This photo resizing software can be used as a standalone program and/or plugin in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements.
To call the Magnifier AI plugin in Adobe Photoshop, select the menu item File -> Automate -> AKVIS Magnifier AI


The artificial intelligence software uses NVIDIA CUDA® and TensorFlow.

To take full advantage of the AI functionality, you need an NVIDIA graphics card with CUDA Compute Capability 3.5+ and the latest driver for the graphics card.

The software offers a multi-language user interface.


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