Paparazzi: On the Hunt for the Latest Sensation

Keep your eyes peeled! Seize the moment! Find something sensational!

The paparazzi have waylaid an unsuspecting couple. As they close in all sides and flock to the stairs, they begin to shoot. As usual, their attention is drawn to the tidbits of the meeting. The next day, the newspaper's headline reads: "Billionare's Son Is Dating...", and adorning the front pages are close-ups of their rendezvous.

Fragment 1 Fragment 2

Quite often attention is not drawn to an entire image but to certain details. In such cases an image will be cropped to focus on these details. This technique is often used in photography to remove the unnecessary elements in the background, get a close-up, and thus draw attention to one detail.

As a rule, the image, post-crop, is smaller than the original. This leads to the problem of returning the image to its original size while maintaining image quality. This is where AKVIS Magnifier AI comes in.


Enlarge your digital photos to print in high quality!


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