AKVIS Video Processing Software: Sketch Video, AirBrush Video

AKVIS Video Processing Software

AKVIS offers plug-ins for these video editors: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, EDIUS Pro.


AKVIS AirBrush Video applies spray painting techniques to your videos. The plugin creates impressive eye catching videos filled with brilliant colors, shading and shadows effects. It is an indispensable filter that every video maker should have on hand. Create animated graffiti and cartoon effects and impress your viewers! More…

AKVIS AirBrush Video


AKVIS Sketch Video turns videos into animated cartoons, both black and white and color. It offers three processing modes (Classic, Artistic, and Esquisse) and a wide variety of presets. The plugin is compatible with After Effects, Premiere, and EDIUS video editing programs. Apply cartoon effects easily with AKVIS Sketch Video! More…

AKVIS Sketch Video