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Free for NGOs

The AKVIS team will be glad to contribute to cultural heritage conservation.

Nonprofit Organizations involved in conservation and restoration of photographic archives having cultural value can get a free version of AKVIS software.

Please note that only the licenses to photo retouching and colorizing tools are free (AKVIS Retoucher and AKVIS Coloriage AI), as they are directly applied in restoration work! Other types of software (i.e. software for special effects) are offered with a discount.

Your organization should have its own web-site. When sending us a request, please enclose a link to the web-site.


Publish Your Tutorial/Article and Get a Program!

Creativity saves you money! You have a good chance to get a free license.

Publish your tutorial - an example of how you used AKVIS software.

It can be a video tutorial published on YouTube or on any other video service.

Or it can be an illustrated text sent to us as a text PDF/RTF/DOC file.

Send us your Customer Success Story with a good Example of how to use AKVIS software and Get a license key for free!

We would like to hear about your experience with AKVIS!

Requirements for Tutorials (both for video and text):

Compress all files in an archive (zip or rar) and send us at

You can use any AKVIS tutorial as a sample, for example this one.

Your tutorial can be made in any language.

Video tutorials do not necessarily need to be accompanied by a voice that explains how the image was processed. If the images are inspiring and one can understand the procedure from the images, you can just add music to it.


Publish your article on graphic matters!

If you have articles and other materials relevant to our web-site, you can publish them here. In this case you get a license key for our product as a reward.

Share your experience with us!


Help Us to Translate and Earn a License!

Translate the examples of using the AKVIS programs into your native language.

For the moment we need volunteers who would translate from English to Italian, French, and Japanese.

Please contact us: English to French -, English to Italian or Japanese -


Publications about AKVIS Software: Free for Editors & Reviewers

Offer for editors, reviewers, journalists of a magazine/journals/weblog/user group.

Dear Editors! We are pleased to offer you a free license to software if you write and publish a review on AKVIS software in online and offline mass media.

Send your request at Specify your magazine/user group and the software you'd like to review.


Raffle/Contest Prizes

You can win a prize!

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