AKVIS Frames 8.0 Free | Decorate Your Photos with Frames

AKVIS Frames is a free photo editing program designed for working with the themed frame packs by AKVIS. With the software, it's easy to decorate your photos with exclusive ready-to-apply picture frames!

The program lets you apply ready to use frames created by artists specially for AKVIS. The frames are grouped in theme packs. Each pack contains a number of high resolution picture frames dedicated to a specific topic: four seasons sets, packs related to hobbies, special event sets like Christmas, Wedding, Valentine, Communion, Halloween... and many others! See the complete list here.

Wedding Pack II Beauty Pack

The software will help you to quickly decorate your photos, create custom greeting cards, announcements, and invitations. You can get high quality prints or share your pictures with your friends directly from the program. Process your images with other AKVIS tools to make pencil sketches or oil paintings, and add a final touch with the Frames software. There is no limit to what you can do!

Happy Birthday II Christmas Pack II

Some free frames are included in the program. Additionally, you can download the Free Pack - 48 frames for any occasion! To add the themed collections of frames to the program, download and activate them.

AKVIS Frames also allows you to create your own frame packs.

Fairy-Tale Pack Vintage Pack

The program is easy to use, comfortable, fast, and simple. Just place a photo into a frame and run image processing - the edges will be smoothed and hidden to fit the frame, and you will get a stylish framed picture.

Great Britain Pack Provence Pack

Using the Text tab, you can also add text, watermark, or logo to your picture. Create eye-catching and appealing images!


The Frames program is available to everyone for free! Just download and install it!

To get a free license key, enter your email address into the start window. Learn more.


To add the frame packs into the program, use the Frame Packs Manager. Tutorial.

Note: Each frame pack should be registered separately with its serial number, except the Free Pack.


The software offers a multi-language user interface.