What's New in AKVIS Frames 5.0: New Features and Frames Packs

AKVIS Frames 5.0 Free | Decorate Your Photos with Frames

What's New in Version 5.0

AKVIS Frames is a free photo editing program designed for use with AKVIS frame packs.

Version 5.0 allows you to add text or watermark to your image, includes new free frames, changes in the activation process, as well as enhancements in flexibility and stability. Decorate your treasured photos! Create a personalized greeting card!

AKVIS Frames 5.0

In Version 5.0:


Download AKVIS Frames 5.0 and use the program for free!


Changes in previous versions:


New Frame Packs

Wedding Pack III ($ 17): 100 picture frames of superior quality, 50 horizontal and 50 vertical stylish and sophisticated templates for decorating wedding photos. The new pack is perfect for decorating engagement or wedding photos, creating Valentine's Day cards, invitations, etc. It is a great sequel of the first and second packs of the AKVIS wedding frames. Create unforgettable memories! Turn your wedding photos into fabulous, professional-level images!

Wedding Pack III Wedding Pack III
Download | Order Now ($ 17)


Glow Pack ($ 17): 110 high-quality picture frames, 55 horizontal and 55 vertical templates inspired by everything glowing and twinkling. Use them to make personalized e-cards, decorate your social media pictures or create unique invitation designs for every occasion! Add an extra dose of glow to your shots!

Glow Pack Glow Pack
Download | Order Now ($ 17)


Magic Winter ($ 17): 110 high-quality picture frames, 50 horizontal and 50 vertical unique templates to frame your winter, Christmas, and New Year photos. These charming winter frames make us feel cozy and warm. They bring a festive mood to your pictures. Enjoy the snowy season with the AKVIS festive frames!

Magic Winter Pack Magic Winter Pack
Download | Order Now ($ 17)


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