Adding/Deleting Frame Packs in the AKVIS Frames Program

Adding/Deleting Frame Packs in AKVIS Frames

AKVIS Frames program lets you apply ready to use frames created by artists specially for AKVIS. Some frames are included in the program and available in the Default Pack. You can also purchase extra theme frame packs, each set is designed for a specific topic, for example: four seasons sets, packs related to hobbies, special event sets like Christmas, Wedding, Valentine, Communion, Halloween... and many others!

Picture Frames

Each pack is fully represented in thumbnails. Upon visiting a pack's page, you can see all of the picture frames you would be interested in. Therefore, you won't be buying a "pig in a poke", but rather the frames that you need.

After an order has been paid, you will receive by email a link to the frame pack as a .zip will be sent along with a license number for registering the pack.


How to Add a Frame Pack to AKVIS Frames:

The frame packs must be registered. (See "unregistered" near the pack's name.) You can start the activation process by clicking on the pack here, in the right panel, or using the Frame Packs Manager.


How to Activate a Frame Pack in AKVIS Frames:

The frames will be available to use only after registration. Activate each pack with its serial number.


How to Delete a Frame Pack in AKVIS Frames:

You can delete both packs by AKVIS and custom frame packs.


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