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Download AKVIS Frame Packs

We recommend you to install and activate the frame packs using the Frame Pack Manager in the program.

Run AKVIS Frames and call the Frame Pack Manager. To update the list of the available packs, click the Reload List button. Choose a pack and click Download.


If you have problems with this option, you can download and copy the files into a folder specified in the program preferences.

In the form below, choose frame packs and click Download:



Do not unzip the archive! It can only be loaded by the AKVIS program. Otherwise, you will only see small preview images. To get high-resolution frames, you should use the AKVIS program.

To add the frames to the program, copy the .zip file into the folder:

The pack will appear in the program.

Activate the pack with your key via the program. Learn how to activate the pack.


If you have questions, please contact us.