AKVIS Magnifier AI 12.1 | Enlarge Images & Enhance Quality

AKVIS Magnifier AI allows you to increase the size of photos and improve image quality and appearance. Featuring neural network-based algorithms, Magnifier AI upscales images to super-high resolution, up to 800%, and produces wall-sized prints. Improve image resolution, create clear, detailed images with perfect quality!

The software offers a multi-language user interface. Change the language in the program preferences.



Download the program and use it for 10 days free of charge! When the trial period expires, you can buy a license key and activate the program to use it without any time limit.


Attention! For Plugin: Unlike other AKVIS plugins (which are available in Filter menu), you will find the AKVIS Magnifier AI plugin in Automate menu of Photoshop.

To call AKVIS Magnifier AI plugin in Adobe Photoshop, select File -> Automate -> AKVIS Magnifier AI;
in Adobe Photoshop Elements: File -> Automation Tools -> AKVIS Magnifier AI.