Sketch from Photo: Artistic Style

The Artistic style in AKVIS Sketch is designed to create expressive drawings that look like the handmade work of a real artist.

In this style, it is easy to create both a quick sketch and a carefully drawn and shaded pencil drawing. The main advantage of this style is the ability to play with hatching and to vary the number of shadings and shadows to get natural tonal transitions. This style requires a good photograph. The best results can be achieved if the original photo was taken in the right light and has good contrast.

Original Image Pencil Sketch from Photograph
Pencil Sketch from Photograph: Artistic Style in AKVIS Sketch


In the Sketch tab you can adjust the parameters for the photo-to-sketch conversion.

The parameters in the Artistic style are grouped in two tabs: Strokes and Effects.


Strokes tab (hatching parameters):


Effects tab:

Charcoal (0-10). The parameter changes the drawing technique from a fine pencil drawing to charcoal. The higher the value of the parameter, the more the result looks like a charcoal drawing.

Charcoal = 7

Shadows (1-30). The parameter enhances shadows giving your drawing more volume and depth.

Noise (0-100). The parameter adds noise to the image.

Contrast (0-100). The parameter increases the difference between highlights and shadows. Using this setting, you can get rid of unnecessary details and make the drawing look "cleaner".

Cross-hatching check-box. It activates the special mode of drawing when the pencil strokes are drawn in different directions and intersect.

Parameters of cross-hatching:

The parameters in the Feathering group allow to create a smearing effect, imitate smudging of strokes. Use them to get smoother, softer, and fuzzier lines.


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