Sketch from Photo: Maestro Style

The Maestro style in AKVIS Sketch is designed to solve artistic tasks. It creates vivid and expressive works of art with masterly hatching, clear and natural contours, and without excessive detail, less photographic and more like drawings. This style harmoniously combines exquisite technique and artistry.

Original Image Pencil Sketch from Photo
Pencil Sketch from Photograph: Maestro Style in AKVIS Sketch


In the Sketch tab, you can adjust the parameters for the photo-to-sketch conversion.

The parameters in the Maestro style are grouped in sections: Strokes, Hatching, Edges, and Effects.


Strokes tab:

Original Colors. The option allows you to create a color pencil drawing using the original color range.

Check-Box 'Original Colors' is Enabled
Color Drawing
(Check-Box 'Original Colors' is Enabled)
Check-Box 'Original Colors' is Disabled
Black and White Drawing
(Check-Box 'Original Colors' is Disabled)

You can change the saturation of the colors by moving the slider to the right of the check-box. As the value of this parameter is increased, the colors in the image become more intense and bright.

Saturation = 5
Original Colors (Saturation = 5)
Saturation = 80
Original Colors (Saturation = 80)

If the Original Colors check-box is disabled, you can use two color plates to set colors for the pencil strokes and background:

Pencil Color and Background Color. Click on the plate and select a color from the standard dialog. Right mouse click on the plates resets the colors to their default values​​ (black and white).

Pencil Color
Background Color

Changing Pencil & Background Colors

Stroke Thickness. (10-100). The parameter sets the stroke size. If you reduce the value, the pencil strokes get thinner and harder, if you increase the value, the strokes get wider.

Thin Stroke
Stroke Thickness = 10
Thick Strokes
Stroke Thickness = 90

Min Length/Max Length (2-100). The parameter sets the full range of the possible stroke lengths. In the drawing, only those strokes will be displayed which are greater than the minimum length (the left slider) and shorter than the maximum length (the right slider).

Small Strokes
Min Length/Max Length = 3/10
Large Strokes
Min Length/Max Length = 40/50


Hatching tab:


Edges tab:


Effects tab:

Charcoal (0-10). The parameter changes the drawing technique from a fine pencil drawing to charcoal. The higher the value of the parameter, the more the result looks like a charcoal drawing.

Charcoal = 8

Watercolor (1-10). The parameter adjusts soft transition between areas creating a watercolor effect.

Watercolor = 6

Mixing (0-100). The parameter allows merging the drawing with the original image. At value = 0, mixing does not occur. When you increase the value, the colors of the original image begin to appear through the drawing creating a coloration effect.

Mixing = 40

Extra Effects check-box:

Extra Effects Applied
Extra Effects


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