Producing Illustrations for an RPG article

The author of this tutorial is Ian Plumb. Read his story below:

Self-publishing can be a long and arduous road. It gets much longer and far more expensive if you want your work to be professionally illustrated. Thankfully in AKVIS Sketch we have a product that allows quality illustrations to be made from photographs by a would-be self-publisher.

I write articles about tabletop gaming, in particular role-playing games. While I would like to be able to illustrate these articles myself, I have not been blessed with the ability to draw. Nor am I able to afford to commission freelance artwork on a regular basis. Usually my articles are simple text; occasionally I am able to include a suitable photograph.

Periodically over the years I have tried to use Photoshop to convert photographs into illustrations. For me, this was very time-consuming and the results were often hit or miss – sometimes they looked really good, more often they were just a waste of effort. Recently I downloaded the free 10-day trial of AKVIS Sketch. I just wanted to see whether there had been any improvement at all in the technology in recent years.

Put simply I was astonished by the results.

Here is a photograph of a small figurine sculpted and painted by the amazing Allan Carrasco ( It has been photographed against a plain backdrop.


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