Sketch from Photo: Multistyle

The Multistyle in AKVIS Sketch is designed for those who love bold experiments in graphics. In addition to the pencil drawings, you can get the effect of pastels, felt-tip pens, oil pencils, wax crayons, and much more.

Original Image Drawing from Photo
Drawing from Photo: Multistyle in AKVIS Sketch


In the Sketch tab, you can adjust the parameters for the photo-to-sketch conversion.


Color Drawing. When the check-box is enabled, the program creates a color drawing. When the option is disabled, it makes a black and white drawing.

Black and White Drawing
Black and White Drawing (Check-Box is Disabled)
Color Drawing
Color Drawing (Check-Box is Enabled)

Paper Color. Choose the background color in the plate (by default, it's white). Double-click the plate and select a color from the standard dialog. Click the plate to activate the Eyedropper tool.

Changing Background Color
Paper Color (Variant 1)
Changing Background Color
Paper Color (Variant 2)

Hatching Density. The number of strokes in the image. The higher the parameter, the less unfilled areas will remain in the drawing.

Minimum Strokes
Hatching Density = 2
Dense Hatching
Hatching Density = 30

Stroke Thickness. The width of lines.

Thin Strokes
Stroke Thickness = 5
Thick Strokes
Stroke Thickness = 50

Min/Max Stroke Length. The range of the possible stroke lengths. In the drawing, only those strokes will be displayed which are greater than the minimum length (the left slider) and shorter than the maximum length (the right slider).

Short Strokes
Min/Max Stroke Length = 1/21
Long Strokes
Min/Max Stroke Length = 150/170

Pressure. The pressure of the pencils. Affects the brightness of the colors.

Weak Pressure
Pressure = 10
Strong Pressure
Pressure = 90

Feather. Looseness of strokes. The thin lines are converted into textured loose strokes with soft edges.

Thin Strokes
Feather = 5
Loose Strokes
Feather = 80

Smoothness. Creates smooth graphic lines imitating the felt-tip pen or marker effect.

Pastel Strokes
Smoothness = 15
Felt-Tip Pen Effect
Smoothness = 100

Sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity level, the more lines are drawn. At low values, some strokes (in the gradient areas) are clipped.

Less Detail
Sensitivity = 5
Detail Drawing
Sensitivity = 80

Balance. Distribution of hatching areas. As the parameter increases, the number of strokes decreases and the amount of background increases.

Dense Hatching
Balance = 5
Light Areas in Hatching
Balance = 90

Alignment. Changing the hatching pattern. When increasing the parameter, the direction of the strokes becomes less chaotic.

Chaotic Strokes
Alignment = 1
Ordered Strokes
Alignment = 90

Autostop. If the check-box is enabled, the long calculation will be interrupted automatically.


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