Sketch from Photo: Classic Style

The Classic style in AKVIS Sketch lets you create color and B&W drawings with well-defined contour lines.

A characteristic feature of this style is its accuracy: the image looks as if it was primarily created by contour lines with the addition of hatching. Though this mode is versatile and good for many purposes, it is the most suitable for technical illustration, architectural images, and other pictures where you would like to attain good detail.

Original Image Pencil Sketch from Photograph
Pencil Sketch from Photograph: Classic Style in AKVIS Sketch


In the Sketch tab you can adjust the parameters for the photo-to-sketch conversion.

There are three parameter fields in the Classic style: Strokes, Edges, and Effects.


Strokes tab (hatching parameters):


Edges tab (parameters that affect how edges are drawn):


Effects tab:


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