Background Effects

Use the Background tab to process the converted image further. It is possible to imitate a blend of the original photo and the drawing or to blur some parts of the image.

This tab can be used to put an accent on a certain fragment of the image or to enliven a picture by adding motion. For example, it is possible to separate the background from the object (a plane or a bird in the sky; a soft toy on a sofa; a vase with fruit, etc.) or to single out one object among several equivalent objects (one person in a group photo, the most beautiful flower in a garden image, etc.) and many other things.

The Background tab offers three modes: Sketch, Sketch & Photo, Sketch & Blur.



In this mode, the Background tab has no influence on the image. In other words, the additional background effects are disabled. It is the default mode in which the first tab's settings, controlling the photo-to-sketch conversion, only work.

Result of photo-to-sketch conversion
Sketch Mode

To use the other two modes you need to specify areas with the special tools.


Sketch & Photo

In this mode, you can get a blend of a drawing and a picture - only the defined parts of the image will be converted into a drawing.

Result of processing in the Sketch-and-Photo mode
Sketch & Photo Mode

When this mode is enabled, the special tools appear in the Toolbar, that will help you to define, which areas will be converted to a drawing, and which not.

Define the Effect Area
Effect Area (blue): Pencil Drawing
No Effect Area (red): Original Photo


If only blue lines or no outlines are drawn, the entire image will be a drawing. If only red lines are used, the image will be restored to its original state.


During processing you will see that the whole image (regardless of the drawn lines) will be converting into a drawing. Don't worry. It's only one of the processing steps, not an error. In the next step the program will take into consideration the background effects lines and settings.

Grayscale. This option works only for black and white drawings. When the check-box is enabled, the areas marked with red (or green, in the 3rd mode) are converted to grayscale. Use this option to get the entire image in black and white, not only the "drawing" part.

Color Image
Grayscale is disabled: Original Image
Grayscale image
Grayscale is enabled: B&W Image


Sketch & Blur

In this mode, it is possible to blur the selected parts of the image. In the Toolbar you will find these tools: Effect Area , Eraser , and the Blur Area . The latter is used to define the areas that must be blurred.

Select a Blur Method that will be used in image processing and adjust the parameters.

In the Sketch & Blur mode, you can also choose one of the following methods of the result image generation - Blur Order:


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