Hand Painted Photo Frames in AKVIS ArtSuite

Hand Painted Frame

The Hand Painted Frame provides images with one or more areas of various shape. A photo fragment can be placed in these transparent areas to make a framed photo.

Frames for photographs

These frames were made by professional artists exclusively for using in AKVIS ArtSuite.
Also, they can be used with AKVIS Frames (free software).


The Hand Painted Frame is only available in ArtSuite Standalone.

The default frame pack comes with the program. Also, you can download the free set of frames or purchase frame packs with different themes (wedding frame pack, frames with a travel theme, etc.). Each frame pack is a zip file. Do not open the file yourself. Copy it to a folder. It will only work in ArtSuite/Frames.

In addition, you can create and use your own frames.

Working with a Hand Painted Frame is a little different than with other frames and effects in the program. In addition to choosing a frame you can work with multiple images. In the Library and additional frame packs are frames in which you can insert two images, with out the need for cropping or other time-consuming editing.

Hand Painted Frame


Follow these steps to add a photo to a Hand Painted Frame:


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