Squares Frame - a Picture Frame Made of Square Tiles

Squares Frame

The Squares Frame represents a picture frame made of square tiles. The width, the quantity, the color of the tiles and the opacity of their edges are defined in the Settings Panel.

Picture frame

The frame Squares consists of two parts: Outer Frame - on the image below it is made up of green tiles, and Inner Frame - blue tiles.

Outer and inner tiles

The Settings Panel offers the following parameters for this digital picture frame.


Transparent. When the check-box Transparent is enabled, the image under the frame becomes transparent. One may need it on an image with several layers; in this way, the image on the lower layer(s) is visible and serves as a frame.

Check-box Transparent enabled
Check-box Transparent enabled

Color Gradient (0-100%). This parameter changes the opacity of the tiles' edges. At 0% the tiles' edges are solid, as you increase the value of the parameter the transparency of the edges increases, the tiles look more three-dimensional.

Color Gradient = 5%
Color Gradient = 5%
Color Gradient = 40%
Color Gradient = 40%


Outer Frame

Inner Frame

Random Seed (0-9999). This is the starting number for the random number generator that defines the distribution of tiles at the inner border of the frame. Every number corresponds to a particular tiles distribution (provided all other parameters stay the same).

Random seed Random seed Random seed


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