Color Stripes

Color Stripes effect allows splitting the image into separate areas with different color properties.

Original Image Color Stripes Effect
Color Stripes Effect (Double Application)

Effect Parameters:

Stripe Count (3-50). The parameter defines the number of stripes the image will be divided into.

Stripe Count = 3
Stripe Count = 3
Stripe Count = 15
Stripe Count = 15

Rotate (-90..90). The parameter rotates the stripes along the y-axis.

No Rotation
Rotate = 0 (no rotation)
Tilt to the Right
Rotate = 50 (to the right)

Curvature (-10..10). This parameter regulates the degree of curvature of stripes.

No Curvature
Curvature = 0 (no curvature)
Maximum Curvature
Curvature = -10

Main Stripe. You can adjust the position of the no-effect area:

Main Stripe on the Left Side of the Image
Main Stripe in the Center of the Image
Main Stripe on the Right Side of the Image

Main Stripe Width (1-50). When the check-box is enabled, you can set the size of the no-effect area (as a percentage of the width of the image). When the check-box is disabled, all stripes have the same width.

Thin Stripe
Main Stripe Width = 30%
Wide Stripe
Main Stripe Width = 50%

Splitter Width (0-10). The width of dividing lines.

No Splitter Lines
Splitter Width = 0
Wide Splitter Lines
Splitter Width = 10

Splitter Color. The color of dividing lines.

Yellow Lines
Yellow Lines
Ruby Lines
Ruby Lines


Using the Left and Right tabs, regulate the parameters of the stripes adjacent to the main stripe.

Hue (-180..180). The parameter shifts all colors by the same hue value.

Shift to a Cool Palette
Hue = -162
Shift to a Warm Palette
Hue = 78

Saturation (-100..100). The parameter changes the intensity of the image colors (from neutral gray tones to highly saturated hues).

Decreasing Saturation
Saturation = -100
Increasing Saturation
Saturation = 100

Brightness (-100..100). The parameter changes the brightness of the image. At higher values, the image points become lighter. At lower values, the image points become darker.

Decreasing Brightness
Brightness = -100
Increasing Brightness
Brightness = 100

Colorize. The check-box allows you to recolor the image using shades of the specified color. Click the color plate to select a color.

Colorize Check-Box Is Disabled
Colorize Check-Box Is Disabled
Pink Color Selected
Colorize Check-Box Is Enabled
(Pink Color)

You can use the Random Shape and Random Colors buttons to generate a random effect variation.


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