Shift Colors

The Shift Colors effect shifts colors on an image with consequent saturation and lightness adjustment.

Below is an example of the effect application. The blue color was replaced by red, other colors stayed the same.

A source image
Original Image
The color shift for the blue color
Color Shift for Blue


The effect has the following controls that are represented by gradient lines:

Compare the middle and the lower gradient lines to see which color and how it will be changed.

All Colors. When the check-box is enabled, all image colors are affected by the change. In this case only two gradient lines are displayed: the lower one shows the original color range, while the upper gradient line adjusts the color shift.

Applying the effect to all colors on an image
Apply to All Colors

The Saturation (-50..50) parameter changes the intensity of the image colors. The values of the parameter vary between -50 (grayscale) to 50 (bright colors). By default the parameter is set to 0.

The Lightness (-50..50) parameter changes the overall lightness of the image, making it darker or lighter.


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