Vignette is a gradual darkening/lightening of an image towards its edges that highlights the subject of a photo by shading its surroundings. The effect creates visual interest and adds vintage elegance to your images. The effect parameters are adjusted in the Settings Panel.



Frame Parameters:

Frame Color. Using the color plate, adjust the color of the vignette. Click the color plate to select a new color from the standard dialog.

Oval Blue Vignette
Oval Blue Vignette

Transparent. Enable the check-box to make the vignette transparent.

Transparent Vignette
Transparent Vignette

Size (1-100). The parameter changes the effect area.

Vignette is closer to the edges
Size = 20
Vignette is closer to the center
Size = 90

Opacity (1-100). The parameter defines the transparency of the vignette. At 100%, the vignette is completely opaque.

Semitransparent Vignette
Opacity = 50
Opaque Vignette
Opacity = 100

Shape (-100...100). The parameter affects rounding of the edges and changes the central part of the image from a rectangle (at negatives values) to a circle (at positive values).

Rectangle Shape
Shape = -80
Round Shape
Shape = 80

Smooth Transition (0-100). The parameter adjusts the smoothness of the border between the vignette and the central part. Increasing the value increases the fading effect.

Well-Defined Edge
Smooth Transition = 0
Blurred Edge
Smooth Transition = 20

Position. Move the white marker to shift the vignette. You can see the current coordinates of the center in the X and Y fields.

No Shift
No Shift
Shift to the Right
Shift to the Right


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