Pre- and Post-Processing Tools

In AKVIS Coloriage AI, the Toolbar changes when switching between the Before and After tabs, depending on the selected mode AI/Classic, and looks like this:

Toolbar in Before Tab, AI Mode Toolbar in Before Tab, Classic Mode Toolbar in After Tab
Before Tab
AI Mode
Before Tab
Classic Mode
After Tab



All tools are divided into three groups: the preprocessing tools , , , , (available in the Classic mode in the Before tab), post-processing tools , , , , , (in both AI and Classic modes in the After tab), and additional (auxiliary) tools , , .

The parameters of the selected tool will be shown in a floating window that pops up when you right-click anywhere in the Image Window. The pop-up window disappears if you click outside it.


Preprocessing Tools (in the Before tab, Classic mode):

Using these tools, you can set new image colors, indicate areas to colorize and zones that should not change.


Post-Processing Tools (in the After tab):


Darken . The tool makes the processed areas darker.

Tool's Parameters:


Lighten . The tool makes the processed areas lighter.

Tool's Parameters:


Saturation . The tool allows you to change the intensity of colors, making them paler or brighter.

Tool's Parameters:

Darken Applied
Lighten Applied
Saturation Applied


Additional Tools:


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