Coloring Old Black and White Drawings

The author of the tutorial is Gordon Sisson. His first article about Coloriage AI, "Love Story", about restoring the old photo of a beautiful woman, has already been published on our web-site.

Gordon used the plugin version of Coloriage AI, but you can take the standalone edition and do the same to achieve this result.

Now Mr. Sisson shares his experience. He writes:

"Another interesting task easily accomplished with the help of Coloriage AI is coloring an ancient (or old) black and white drawing. I often find just the right illustration in my clip art collection or sometimes in an old book. But I want it in color or at least part of it in color.

Blessing: Coloriage AI is silken smooth as you zoom in and out and traverse the area. The ability to set the size of the brush is marvellous, allowing much more precise marking for a finer result and less touch up.


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