Colorize a photo for a collage

The author of the tutorial is John Bloor.

Original image Colorized image

John found the photo of this charming girl when he searched the web for new specimens for his collection of old photos.

a black and white photo of a girl

First, he wanted just to colorize the portrait using the AKVIS Coloriage plug-in, but "the appetite comes with eating" and the colorization developed into photo collage creation.

But colorization comes first. He opened the photo of the small girl in AliveColors and called the plug-in AKVIS Coloriage.

In the Before tab of the plugin's window he assigned colors to every object by drawing outlines within every object of the portrait.

draw outlines to assign colors to objects

He pressed the button to start the colorization process.

the colorized portrait

He pressed the button to apply the result of colorization to the picture and to close the plug-in window.

However, John didn't stop there. He considered the one-color background not impressive enough and decided to use the colorized portrait for photo collage creation. He selected the figure of the girl using the Lasso tool, copied the selection and pasted it into a new image with a black background.

the girl is pasted into a black background

In the black background the jagged borders of the photo have become visible. We can touch up the borders with the tools Eraser, Blur Tool and Clone Stamp.

Then, John added some objects copied from other pictures to the foreground.

some objects are added to the foreground

In the last stage he pasted a piece of a stained-glass window to the background.

the photo collage


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