Colorize a Group Photo with Small Details

You can apply AKVIS Coloriage AI to colorize any photo, even the most complicated one. But you must be patient with the "difficult cases", as you have to assign a color to every detail of the photo.

Good news: when working with AKVIS Coloriage AI you won't need to select every detail accurately, to manipulate layers and their options; all you need is to draw an outline within every object with the chosen color.

We used AKVIS Coloriage AI in the Classic mode to colorize a group photo.

The photo is difficult to colorize because:

Draw an outline within every object with the color you've chosen for it

When you have chosen colors for all objects, press the button and admire the result of your work in the After tab.

the colorized photo

Press the button to apply the result of the colorization.


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