Save and Load Strokes (Classic Mode)

While coloring an image in the Classic mode in AKVIS Coloriage AI, periodically save your strokes to a file with the .strokes extension, so that you do not have to repeat your work from the beginning, if for some reason you are interrupted.

To save the color strokes, click and indicate a folder and a file name. Later you can load the strokes from this file using and continue working with the image.

In case of some unexpected event (such as a power loss, etc.) the program autosaves the strokes into the coloriage-autosave.strokes file each time when you run processing .

You can find the autosaved file here:


Saving strokes is also a way to share your experience of using the program with others.

We offer you photos to colorize using half-finished projects.

Attention! The strokes in the archive correspond to the dimensions of the initial image (width x height). If you change the dimensions of the original image, the file with the strokes will not fit the image.


Download these archives with color strokes and colorize the images in a click:


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