Installing plug-ins in Xara Designer Pro X11

There are two methods of installation plugins into Xara Designer Pro X11:

Method 1. Copy the files with the ending .8bf into the Plugins folder of Xara Designer Pro X11.

To install AKVIS plug-ins just copy the 8bf files from the original folder C:\Program Files\AKVIS\ (for example, for Sketch it will be the folder Program Files\AKVIS\Sketch) into C:\Program Files\Хara\Хara Designer Pro X11\Хara Picture Editor\PSplug-ins\.

Method 2. Add plug-ins through the menu of the photo editor:

  1. Run Xara Designer Pro editor. Call Utilites -> Options from the main menu.

    Call Options window
  2. In the Options window switch to the Effects & Plugins tab. Click the button Setup.

    Effect settings
  3. The PS Plug-ins location setup window will open. In this window click the button Add Folder

    The PS Plug-ins location setup window

    and choose AKVIS folder.

    Enable check-box Enable host specific plug-ins.

    The PS Plug-ins location setup window

    Click the button OK.

Plug-ins are installed now.


To call the plugin follow these steps:

  1. Select the Live Effect Tool on the Toolbar.

    >Live Effect Tool
  2. Click the New button on the Infobar.

    The button of new effect choosing

    Select AKVIS from the list of the effects and call the plugin you want.

    List of effects