Framing Images with Passe-Partout in AKVIS Programs


The Passe-Partout effect allows you to apply a mat or a cardboard for mounting and framing your digital pictures. It creates margins around the image enhancing its visual appeal. Using it jointly with the Classic Frame has a truly powerful impact on a viewer.

Passe-Partout & ClassicFrame


Adjust the parameters of the effect:


Size (1-100). The parameter changes the width of the passe-partout.

Thin Passepartout Wide Passepartout
Size = 20 Size = 60

Bevel Depth (0-100). The parameter sets the thickness of the border cutting line (in % of the general passe-partout width).

Thin Cut Deep Cut
Bevel Depth = 10 Bevel Depth = 45

Color. You can select the mat and bevel colors in the color plates.

Blue Mat
Blue Mat

White Bevel Beige Bevel
White Bevel Beige Bevel

Scale Image to Frame. When the check-box is enabled, the image is scaled to fit the frame. When the option is disabled, the frame applies over the image.

Attention! A part of the image will be cropped to keep the aspect ratio.

Scale Image to Frame check-box is disabled Scale Image to Frame check-box is enabled
Scale Image to Frame check-box is disabled Scale Image to Frame check-box is enabled

Slope. Define what the bevel looks like by choosing one of the options: Outside or Inside.

Outer Slope Inner Slope
Outer Slope Inner Slope

Shadow (1-100). Adjust the intensity of the shadow on the inner edge of the passe-partout.

Weak Shadow Deep Shadow
Shadow = 40 Shadow = 100

Light Source. Move the marker on the ball to set the probable light source that affects the appearance of the shadow.

Light Source

Chamfer (0-100). The parameter changes the size of the sloping edge in the corners.

Small Chamfer Increasing  Chamfer
Chamfer = 10 Chamfer = 50

You can adjust the chamfer shape:

Round. The inner corner takes a rounded shape.

Ledge. The inner corner has a square shape.

Straight Chamfer Round Chamfer
Straight Chamfer Round
Ledge Round + Ledge
Ledge Round + Ledge