The Strokes help to decorate your picture with straight lines along the borders. You can easily adjust the width of the frame as well as the width, the length, and the number of the lines.

Frame with Strokes


Here are the parameters of the frame:


Color. Click in the color plate and select a color of the lines which form the frame.

Blue Lines
Blue Lines


Transparency. When the check-box is enabled, the lines are transparent.

Transparent Frame
Transparency check-box is enabled


Intensity (1-100). The parameter changes the visibility of the lines.

Less Intense Strokes More Intense Strokes
Intensity = 40 Intensity = 90


Size (1-100). The parameter changes the width of the frame.

Thin Frame Wide Frame
Frame Size = 15 Frame Size = 60


Strokes Number (1-300). The parameter sets the number of the strokes on each side of the frame.

Less Strokes More Strokes
Strokes Number = 30 Strokes Number = 115


Stroke Width (1-100). The parameter changes the width of the lines.

Thin Strokes Wide Strokes
Stroke Width = 5 Stroke Width = 60


Stroke Length (1-100). The parameter sets the length of the lines (in % from the frame size).

Short Strokes Long Strokes
Stroke Length = 10 Stroke Length = 80


Random Seed (0-9999). The parameter randomly changes the distribution of the strokes in the frame. Every number corresponds to a particular strokes distribution.

Random Changes
Random Changes