Adding Plugins to Affinity Photo on Windows

You can use Photoshop compatible plug-ins with Affinity Photo on Windows and Mac.

AKVIS Plugins in Affinity Photo

Learn how to install the AKVIS plugins in this photo editor on Windows (for Mac click here):

Method 1.

Copy the ".8bf" files from the AKVIS folder (by default, C:\Program Files\AKVIS\) into the plugins folder of Affinity Photo (by default, C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Photo\‌1.0\Plugins).

Method 2.

Add plugins to Affinity Photo directly in the program.

This way is recommended, it allows users to update the plug-ins automatically, without copying the files each time.

  1. Open the Affinity Photo preferences window: Edit -> Preferences...

    Affinity Photo Preferences
  2. In Preferences, click on Photoshop Plugins.

    Photoshop Plugins in Preferences
  3. In the Photoshop Plugins tab, click Add, choose the AKVIS folder, and enable Allow "Unknown" plugins to be used.

    Adding Plugins

    Click on the Close button and re-start Affinity Photo.

Now the plugins can be used with Affinity Photo.


To call the AKVIS plugins in Affinity Photo:

Note: To call the SmartMask plugin, make sure that the layer is unlocked.