AKVIS PlugIns in Photoshop CC, Windows 64 bit

Sometimes after a plugin is installed, it does not appear in Adobe Photoshop. Read the instructions for Windows 64 bit below. (You can find the solution for Win 32 bit - here, for Mac - here.)

Follow these steps to install the plug-ins in Photoshop on Win 64 bit:


If you set the Additional Plug-ins Folder for Photoshop 32 bit on Windows 64 bit (via the Preferences), you can get an error message from Photoshop that it does not know that kind of file.

It happens if the selected folder has a 64 bit plugin. Photoshop 32 bit tries to upload it but can't recognize it.

Not a big problem, but it's very irritating to get the error message each time when you run Photoshop. To remove this error message just delete the 64 bit file from the folder used as the Additional Plug-ins Folder in Photoshop preferences. If you use Photoshop 32 bit you do not need 64 bit files there.