Painting & Photography with AKVIS filters

The author of the tutorial is Serge Fleury. He writes:

An artist whose paintings I appreciate a lot has a very personal technique: having accomplished the biggest part of his canvas with gouache, he underlines the outlines by re-drawing them in ink over painting. This technology inspired me to treat some photographs by bringing a personal touch there.

Original Image Result

This tutorial was created using Adobe Photoshop and three AKVIS filters: SmartMask, ArtWork and Sketch.

But this technology can be used with any software supporting layers and AKVIS filters as additional modules (plug-ins).


Before starting to work with the software, it is useful to think about the way we will proceed to define all the elements we need.

As any other picture manipulations, it must be non destructive in order to allow coming back to the original image any time we need.

Thus, we shall use the layers of Photoshop, every element of our composition being accomplished as one layer.

Besides the basic layer ("Background") which will contain the original picture, we shall have:

Each of these layers will have its own settings and will be totally independent from the other layers.

For each layer, there is an extensive number of options and parameters, either in AKVIS filters or in Photoshop (or in the other software you frequently use). So, the number of combinations is only limited by your imagination or your preferences.

We have finished our work. I would recommend you saving the image twice:

If your software allows it, you could also define each layer as a dynamic object. This would allow coming back at any time on each layer and modifying the parameters you have applied earlier.

Of course the multiplicity of the layers will increase the size of your image, but these techniques will allow you to come back at any time to the original image.


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