City Canal View: Oil Landscape

On a nice Summer day I was walking along the city canal when I was overcome with an irresistible itch for painting. I did not have paints and no easel, and, to be quite honest, my landscape studies had never excited my drawing teacher at school. But I had a camera with me, so I took a photo of the view. Then, using the program AKVIS ArtWork, I converted my photo into an oil painting. The result was just the painting I had in my mind.

AKVIS ArtWork Deluxe was used when creating this tutorial. The Deluxe/Business version (in contrast to Home license) has a Stroke Direction tool . This tool can do wonders!
You can download the images in full size to compare the result with and without this feature: a zip-archive with three files 1st-result.jpg, 2nd-result.jpg and 2nd-result-with-canvas.jpg.

Please follow these steps to create an oil painting from a photo:


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