Emersion Mode

AKVIS Chameleon works in five modes: Montage, Chameleon, Blend, Emersion, and Double Exposure.

In Emersion mode, like in Montage mode, the program combines images to create a seamless photo montage.
The difference between the two is that in this mode the pasted fragment does not overlay the background, but embeds into the background so that only certain parts of the fragment are visible. This mode allows making montages with difficult objects (trees, etc).

A background image for a collage
A source image for a collage
Source Images
Photo collage - Emersion mode

The mode is called Emersion because what it actually does is make the background "emerse" through the object. This characteristic distinguishes it from other modes, as in Montage, Chameleon and Blend modes the program mostly works with the object itself, not with the background.

Follow these steps to create a montage in Emersion mode:


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