Serenade for a Gull

The author of this tutorial is Gordon Sisson.

Background for the collage The image used as a source for the fragment Collage

Combining several shots to create a more expressive image is one of the most popular manipulations in photo editing. This requires extracting the fragment, placing it into a new background and adjusting color tones and edges so that the image looks as if it had been shot exactly this way. The extraction part can as well be done with AKVIS's AKVIS SmartMask plug-in, but in this tutorial we would like to do it with AKVIS Chameleon.

AKVIS Chameleon is ideal for the users who want to have a quick and clean result. The tutorial's author, Gordon Sisson, confessed that he was intrigued by the capabilities of AKVIS Chameleon and therefore decided to experiment with it. Gordon Sisson describes below his first experience with the Montage mode of AKVIS Chameleon.

You can use the standalone version if you want. In this case just load both images into the program and use the pencils to outline the object.

Let’s see how Gordon created this amazing collage.



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