A Coffee Postage Stamp

In 2002 a postage stamp dedicated to coffee was issued in Brasil. It had an inscription "Brasil coffee" and showed coffee beans and a coffee cup. The postage stamp also had a delicate aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. The stamp was disigned by local artist Vera Pilotto da Silva.

Now we will try to create a similar design with AKVIS Chameleon, though without the coffee aroma. Below we have two images: a coffee cup and coffee beans.

Coffee beans - a backgound image A cup of coffee Result - image collage

First of all, you should select the cup of coffee with any selection tool of your image editor. Learn more about selection tools of Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel (Jasc) Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint.

Do not forget to select the shadow of the cup as well.

Select the Cup of Coffee
Selection in Image Editor

Having selected the cup of coffee, call AKVIS -> Chameleon – Grab Fragment from the Filter menu. If everything is done correctly you’ll see a message that the selected object is saved into the clipboard.

Open the photo of the coffee beans and call AKVIS -> Chameleon – Make Collage from the Filter menu. The AKVIS Chameleon window will open. This window will contain the coffee bean background and the fragment (cup).

Select Chameleon mode from the drop-down menu in the Settings Panel.

Use the Transform tool in the plugin to adjust the size and position of the cup.

Press the button to start the collage creation process. A preview of the image will appear in the After tab. The program adjusts the inserted cup to the color range of the coffee image, like a chameleon adapts to the environment.

Then press to apply the effect and return to the image editor.

And here is the result:

Image Combination


Now let's add a "postage stamp-like" frame using AKVIS ArtSuite.

Run AKVIS ArtSuite, open the ready collage, select the Classic Frame, and use one of the patterns in Post Stamps group, or load your pattern with the <Custom> command in the Library. You can take any image at the JPEG, BMP, TIFF or PNG format. For example this one:

Post Stamp Frame

Here is the result:

Coffee Postage Stamp


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