Retouching Tools In Adobe Photoshop

The retouching tools in Adobe Photoshop are: Clone Stamp, Pattern Stamp, Healing Brush, Patch and Color Replacement.

These tools repair damaged images, apply repeated patterns, or replace colors in an image.

The following illustration shows the arrangement of these tools in the toolbar.

Arrangement On The Toolbar

If two or more tools occupy the same cell (the icon for the tool last used is always shown), in order to choose another tool, right-click the mouse on the arrow next to the icon and and choose another tool from the menu that appears. This menu will also appear if you click on the icon and press it for some time.

The Clone Stamp tool and Healing Brush clone (copy) pixels from one part of an image to another, to another layer or even to another image. The difference between the Healing Brush and the Clone Stamp tool is, the Healing Brush in Photoshop takes into account the texture, illumination and shadows of the processed image. As a result, the fragment processed by the Healing Brush blends more easily into the rest of the image.

To clone an area with the Clone Stamp or Healing Brush, follow these steps:

The Patch tool repairs an area with pixels copied from another area or image. Like the Healing Brush, the Patch takes into account the texture, luminance, and shadows of the background image.

This tool can be used in one of two ways:

Define the place where the clone will be applied, then drag the tool to the source point.

Follow these steps:

Define the source, then drag the tool to the damaged area.

Follow these steps:

The Pattern Stamp tool works by drawing with a repeating pattern. This tool can be used to created a frame or design for wallpaper or for retouching the texture of part of an image. A pattern is selected from the Pattern Palette in the Options Panel.

To use this tool, follow these steps:

A repeating pattern can also be used with the Healing Brush and Patch tool. To do this with the Healing Brush, in the tool's options select Pattern for the Source and choose a pattern from the Pattern Palette. To do this with the Patch tool - begin by using the tool to draw a line around an area (or use a previously selected area), then choose a pattern from the Pattern Palette and press the Use Pattern button.

The Color Replacement tool replaces one color in an image with another. This tool can be used, for example, to repair the "red eye" effect.

Follow these steps to use the tool: