Painting Tools In Adobe Photoshop

The main painting tools in Adobe Photoshop are the Pencil and the Brush. The Pencil draws free form lines with a hard edge, and the Brush - draws lines with a softer edge. It is possibe to draw distinct or fuzzy lines with the Brush, but they will always be a little soft, because its edges are indistinguishable from the background. Lines drawn with the Pencil always have a sharp edge, because there is no interaction with the background.

Both of these tools occupy one cell in the Toolbar, and are always portrayed with a pictogram of the last tool used. To choose another tool, press the right mouse button on the arrow next to the tool and choose the required tool from the menu that appears. The menu will also appear if you press and hold the tool's button.

Arrangement Of The Toolbar

To draw free lines with the Pencil or Brush, follow these steps:

Most of the parameters used to define the Pencil and Brush tools in the Options panel are the same, but there are some small differences.

The Pencil and Brush tools not only can be used to draw free form lines, but also for drawing straight lines. To draw a straight line with either tool (vertically or horizontally) press Shift and, while holding it down, start to move the cursor in either a vertical or horizontal direction.