Filling Tools In Adobe Photoshop

Fill Tools - these tools fill a selected object, area, or layer with color.
In Adobe Photoshop this is done with Paint Bucket and Gradient.

The Paint Bucket and Gradient tools occupy one cell in the Toolbar, and are represented by the icon of the last tool used. To choose another tool, right-click the triangle next to the tool and choose the desired tool from the menu that appears. This menu can also be accessedif you press the tool's icon and wait for a few moments.

Расположение на панели инструментов

The Paint Bucket is used to fill a selected area with a color or pattern by clicking on a pixel in that area. For example, if you want to replace all red pixels in part of an image with blue pixels, then select blue as the primary color and click on one of the red pixels.

Parameters for the Paint Bucket are set in the Options panel.

It is also possible to execute a fill by selecting Fill in the Edit menu. To do this, first select an area using one of the selection tools and tnen choose the command Fill in the Edit menu. It is not necessary to make a selection if an entire layer is to be filled. After the Fill command is selected, a dialog window will open with the same settings to choose from as for the Paint Bucket tool in the Options panel.

The Gradient tool is used to fill with a gradient, i.e. it fills with one color that gradually changes to another.

To make a gradient fill:

The following parameters for Gradient can be set in the Options Panel.

To create a complex gradient (a gradient which contains transitions between three or more colors) or to edit an existing type of gradient use the Gradient Editor, which is opened by clicking on the image of the gradient itself.