Snow is a fun part of the holiday season. A snowflake consists of the finest droplets of supercooled water that are frozen in a cloud. The shape and size of snowflakes are determined on the conditions in which they formed. Each individual snowflake has a different pattern and there are no two snowflakes alike.

Using the Snow effect in NatureArt, you can not only create realistic falling snow but also add decorative snowflakes to images.

Snow Effect

By default, the effect is applied to the entire image.

The Exclusion Area tool allows marking those parts of the image that should be partially or completely excluded from the effect area.

Tool Parameters:

The Eraser tool allows you to edit the excluded area.

Full Image Processing
Full Processing
Exclusion Area
Exclusion Area
Partial Processing
Partial Processing


Adjust the effect parameters in the Settings Panel:

The check-box Apply Effect shows/hides the snow effect.

Snow Tab

Extra Tab

The Random Seed button generates another distribution of the snowflakes in the image.


The Snow Brush tool allows creating decorative snowflakes. The hot-key is B. You can either supplement the main effect or use decorative snowflakes separately by disabling the Apply Effect check-box.

Snow Brush Parameters

Right-click within the image to show the pop-up dialog with the general brush options:

Snowflake Properties

Before drawing snowflakes, adjust their parameters in the Settings Panel -> Snow Brush. The Snow Brush tab includes three groups of settings: Snowflakes, Structure, and Variations.

The Snowflakes tab allows you to change the basic properties of the snowflakes.

The Structure tab contains the snowflake shape constructor.

The Variations tab regulates parameter deviations and allows you to add random effects to the snowflakes.


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