Ice Effect in AKVIS NatureArt

Nature Effects: Ice

You can use this effect to cover any surface in ice. It lets you freeze a lake or a pond even in summer, decorate your Christmas pictures, create ice sculptures.

This effect is only available for the Home Deluxe and Business licenses. Compare the licenses here.

Ice Effect in AKVIS NatureArt
Ice Effect in AKVIS NatureArt

The effect will be applied only in a selected area! Use the follow tools to make a selection:


The effect configuration can be adjusted in the Settings Panel.

The main parameters:

There are two groups of the additional parameters which add more patterns to the ice's surface: Needles and Feathers.

Parameters under the Needles tab add a pattern of fine needles to the surface:

Parameters in the Feathers tab can be used to add a pattern like icy feathers:


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