Nature Effects: Lightning

This effect can be used to add Lightning of any size and number to an image.

Usually lightning appears during a thunderstorm. It often gives us an unforgettable light show in the sky! What is this amazing phenomenon of nature, beautiful and devastating at the same time?

Ancient people perceived the thunder and the lightning flashes as an expression of the will of the Gods and the manifestation of God's wrath. Only in the 18th century was it proved that lightning is an electric discharge in the atmosphere accompanied by a flash of light and the rumble of thunder. There are various types of lightning, but usually we see streak lightning or forked lightning.

Lightning Effect in AKVIS NatureArt
Lightning Effect in AKVIS NatureArt

Before applying this effect, you need to draw a "skeleton" where the lightning will be, to act as a schematic for it. Do this in the Before tab with the following tools:

The Line Set drop-down list in the Setting Panel contains ready-to-use lightning layouts which come bundled with the program. When editing a sample its name is changed to Custom. To remove all the lines from the image, select Clear All.

Draw the direction lines
Draw the Direction Lines

Adjust the parameters to specify the settings for the lightning. The settings will apply to all of the lightnings on an image. If you want to get various lightnings, save the result and restart the effect.

Main Bolt:





Random Seed. This is the starting number for the random number generator that defines the form of the lightning.

Versions of Lightning
Generating Versions of Lightning


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