AKVIS Chameleon. Photo collage: Dove in the fire.

Dove in the fire

The example was made in the old version of the Chameleon plug-in.
Now the technique of using AKVIS Chameleon is different, but the result will be the same.

Consult the article "Blend mode" to get the same result with the new version. In the older versions (before v.5.0) this mode was called Snapshot and applied automatically right after you launch the plugin from the menu Filter.


This example has been created by Gun Legler.

To create the photo collage Gun used Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 and AKVIS Chameleon.

photo of fire photo of a dove Result
Original ImagesResult

Below there are two images: a photo of a fire and a photo of a dove.

To make a photo collage out of these two images you have to go through a few simple steps.