AKVIS Watercolor: Watercolor Painting Effect

Watercolor Painting Effect

AKVIS Watercolor turns your photos into luminous aquarelle paintings. Create your own masterpiece in just a few mouse clicks!

You can adjust the parameters for the photo to painting conversion in the Settings Panel.

Original Image Watercolor Painting
Watercolor Painting from Photo


Effect Parameters:

Paper Color. The parameter determines the color of the paper. Double-click on the color plate to call the Select Color dialog box.

White Paper
White Paper
Rosy Paper
Rosy Paper

Stroke Thickness (1-100). The parameter adjusts the width of the brush strokes.

Thin Strokes
Stroke Thickness = 10
Wide Strokes
Stroke Thickness = 40

Max Stroke Length (1-200). The parameter defines the maximum stroke length.

Short Strokes
Max Stroke Length = 40
Long Strokes
Max Stroke Length = 160

Dry Brush (0-100). Increase the parameter value to simulate the Dry Brush painting technique. It reduces the smoothness of strokes and reveals the brush texture. The lower the value, the more flowing the strokes appear.

Rough Strokes
Dry Brush = 15
Smooth Strokes
Dry Brush = 85

Simplicity (1-100). The parameter regulates the simplification of the image. The higher the value, the more details are smeared and softened.

Weak Simplicity
Simplicity = 5
Strong Simplicity
Simplicity = 50

Stroke Density (0-100). The parameter defines the amount of paint in a brush stroke. The lower values give more transparent and luminous strokes.

Translucent Strokes
Stroke Density = 20
Thick Strokes
Stroke Density = 80

Dispersion (0-100). The parameter randomly changes the direction and width of strokes.

Low Dispersion
Dispersion = 10
Random Strokes
Dispersion = 90

Saturation (-100..100). This parameter defines the color intensity of the brush strokes.

Pale Strokes
Saturation = 10
Bright Strokes
Saturation = 90

Edge Smoothness (0-100). The parameter sets the softness of the stroke edges. High parameter values imitate the Wet-On-Wet technique by smoothing the transitions between strokes and creating fuzzy edges. At lower values the edges of strokes are rough and sharp.

Transparent Edges
Edge Smoothness = 20
Opaque Edges
Edge Smoothness = 80

Lightening (0-100). The parameter allows you to lighten the image. Use it for dark photos to make the colors appear translucent and luminous.

Without Lightening (Original Brightness)
Without Lightening
Light Colors
Lightening = 70

Random Seed. This is the starting number for the random number generator that defines the distribution of strokes. It can be any number between 0 and 9999. Every number corresponds to a particular strokes distribution (provided all other parameters stay the same).

Random Arrangement of Strokes
Random Arrangement of Strokes


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