Contour Watercolor

The Contour Watercolor style in the program imitates a mixed method of painting, very close to the "dry-on-wet" watercolor technique. It adds thin lines to the painting to emphasize the edge of objects and allows you to simulate a combination of watercolor paint and pencils. The colors in such drawings are more vibrant and less blurred and the result may look like gouache or poster art.

Original Image Watercolor Painting
Watercolor Painting from Photo
(Contour Watercolor)


Effect Parameters:

Image Group:

Simplicity. The simplification of the image. The higher the value, the more details disappear.

Detailed Painting
Simplicity = 0
Strong Simplicity
Simplicity = 10

Uniformity. The unevenness, blending, and blurring of the painted areas.

Colors within Boundaries
Uniformity = 1
Blurred Boundaries
Uniformity = 80

Density. The amount of brush strokes and paint layers.

Low Density
Density = 0
High Density
Density = 70

Strokes Group:

Size. The size of the brush strokes.

Small Brush Strokes
Size = 1
Large Brush Strokes
Size = 15

Brightness. The amount and intensity of paint in the stroke. At low values, the white background shows through paints.

Pale Watercolor Paints
Brightness = 10
Bright Watercolor Paints
Brightness = 60

Blur. The degree of spreading and smearing the brush strokes.

Weak Paint Flow
Blur = 2
Strong Paint Flow
Blur = 16

Contours Group:

Thickness. The width of contours.

Thin Outlines
Thickness = 15
Wide Outlines
Thickness = 30

Sensitivity. The intensity of the contour lines.

Weak Contours
Sensitivity = 1
Vivid Contours
Sensitivity = 20

Also, you can add casual effects to the distribution of the watercolor strokes:

Random Seed (0-9999). An element of randomness in the arrangement of the brush strokes.


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