Adjustment and Single-Shot HDR Effect

The Adjustment tab lets you improve a photo or create an HDR effect from one single image.

We need several photos of one scene, taken at different exposures, to create an HDR image. But sometimes it's impossible (for example, the camera does not have bracketing mode or it's not possible to stabilize the camera). Therefore often there is only one photo, whose details in dark and light areas are hidden. For example, a picture can have a well-defined landscape but a bright, white, featureless sky.

Use the parameters of this tab to reveal details in the darkest and brightest areas, to give an image depth, and increase color saturation. It can help you whether you want to make small corrections or give your image a dramatic HDR look.

Note: When creating a real HDR image from a set of photos in HDRI tab, you can use the Adjustment tab as the 2nd step, to make additional corrections.


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